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Understanding CryptoPunks

We humans have always been collectors. We like to gather things, name things, and derive meaning from making that a shared experience with others.

In this little guide we want to explore the wild phenomenon of CryptoPunks together. We'll go from a broad overview to understanding actual code and how the marketplace actually works.

Note: everything that's said is from our own personal lense & perspective, and doesn't necessarily represent the intent of the creators, owners, etc..

Let's dive in!


1. A High Level ViewWhat in the world are CryptoPunks??!2. The ArtA closer look at the visual art of CryptoPunks3. Talking ComputersLet's cover some code basics!4. Reading the ContractA deep dive into the CryptoPunks contract5. Further ReadingWrapped Punks, Onchain Punks, V1 Wrapper